"As a working-class teenage mom and avid reader, I was never able to find myself represented in books,” Nina Packebush says. “It was a lonely feeling that increased my feelings of worthlessness and isolation. Later, when I came out as queer, the chances of seeing myself represented in novels—even adult novels—became even less likely.”

"Nina Packebush is the real deal. Like an alchemist, she uses stark and poetic prose to transmute grief and hard luck into pure golden magic. Honest, lyrical, and as in love with the ugly as the beautiful, Packebush’s hotly-anticipated debut novel is sure to become an instant classic." —Ariel Gore, author, Breeder and The End of Eve; publisher, Hip Mama Magazine

Girls Like Me

Washington State Book Award Finalist
Golden Crown Literary Award 2018 YA Winner
LAMBDA Literary Award 2018 Finalist
In the Margins Award 2018 Recommended Book

With her genderqueer sweetheart dead, Banjo is left pregnant, and institutionalized – it seems like things can’t get much worse for her.  Now she struggles to face her demons, the future, and a staff that keeps giving her the wrong diagnosis, the wrong treatment, and the wrong perspective.  At least she has her friends – but will friends be enough?